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3 Days 2 Nights
Uganda’s largest National Park for game viewing, bird watching, Chimpanzee tracking, and boat trips. Home to Elephants, Giraffes, Antelopes, and Crocodiles that bask in the sun along the banks Victoria Nile – a section of River Nile.
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3 Days 2 Nights
For a true African Bush Experience.
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3 Days 2 Nights
Uganda's National Park - Lake Mburo National Park: is located on a stretch of 371 square kilometres, in Mbarara, Western Uganda. It boasts of 68 different mammal species, that include Zebra, Topi, Impala, Uganda Kob, Buffalos, Leopards and several acacia associated birds. The five lakes within the park attract Hippos, Crocodiles, and a variety of birds that include Uganda’s national emblem - The Crested Crane. Lake Mburo National Park completes a memorable African Safari Tour.
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3 Days 2 Nights
Uganda’s fairest Queen Elizabeth National Park is the perfect answer to your call for relaxation in Uganda! Named after the Queen of England. Unique scenery of crater lakes, plus wildlife – elephants, tree climbing lions, Forest hog, symbolic Uganda Kob and hippos along Kazinga Channel that links Lakes Edward and George. It covers 1,978 square kilometres in Western Uganda. It is home to about 100 mammal species and 612 bird species.  
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3 Days 2 Nights
Located at the Southern Shores of Lake Albert. This park is gifted with unique geographic barriers that have formed a natural haven for Wildlife, on a stretch of 221 square kilometres. Named after the Semliki River that borders Uganda with Democratic republic of Congo. It harbours forest dwellers like elephants, chimps, elephants, Buffaloes, crocodiles, plus birding opportunities. Named after the Semliki River that borders Uganda with Democratic republic of Congo. It is also home to The Sempaya Hot springs.        
From $ 900
3 Days 2 Nights
Uganda’s harbor for the greatest variety and concentration of primates, the Chimpanzees - man’s closest look-alike. Hosts bird watching and nature walks. Kibale National Park is home to a remarkable 13 primate species, including the much localised Red Colobus. The opportunities to track habituated chimps and watch them as they wrangle and play in trees represents Kibale’s major tourist attraction especially with its network of forest trails. Located west, near Fort portal, the 759sq km national park has 335 bird species.  
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3 Days 2 Nights
North East of Uganda
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7 Hours
Kampala is the commercial and administrative capital of Uganda. Spread over 7 hills with unique spots that provide fantastic views of the city. Provides a center location for Uganda Tours.  
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8 Hours
Jinja is approached through a minimum 1-hour ride for 80 kms East of Kampala, through Mabira Natural forest.
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4 Hours
Lake Victoria provides relaxing sandy beaches that add unforgettable memories about tourism in Uganda. Enjoy the sun shine and the fresh spiced full fish for a meal at Natures Green Beach Resort, Located in Kaazi near Munyonyo.
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10 People
9 Days 8 Nights
Interested in Mountaineering, trekking or hiking? The snow – covered Equatorial peaks are located in Western Uganda, along the border with The Democratic republic of Congo. Made up of the Rwenzori Ranges, Africa’s tallest mountain range. The distinctive glacial Rwenzori Mountain peaks are famous to hikers, who regard the mountain as the most challenging of all African mountains. The trails lead through the rain forest rattling with monkeys and birds, tall bamboo forests, before emerging on the high altitude moorland zone. This snow-capped mountain has an elevation reaching 5,109m, Africa’s third highest peak.
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7 Days 6 Nights
Western Route of Uganda: Visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park.
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